Vulnerability Assessment

With enhancement in technologies, more companies are becoming cyber reliant and it’s not hidden from anyone that every new technology has a flaw.

Increase in attempts to gain illegal access to these technologies itself indicates that vulnerabilities in the applications exist, and any vulnerability needs to be fixed.


Identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your IT environment

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Protect your organization against risk.

Vulnerability Assessment service is the key to success for most organizations irrespective of whether it is Internal and External. Identifying the Vulnerability in an IT environment with a clear understanding of the Business and Technical risk is the key to success to uphold and review the appropriate security controls.

  • Achieve validation that your vulnerability management activities are in-line with best practices and you’re keeping up with newly released patches.

  • By scanning and identifying all assets, vulnerability assessment can locate rogue devices on your network that are not listed as authorised assets.

  • Help achieve and maintain compliance against a range of cyber security standards.

  • Benefit from a review of how well your internal and external defences detection, limit and withstand the latest threats.

  • Understand which cyber security risks require the most attention and receive actionable guidance to best mitigate them.

  • Receive recommendations that will help secure your organisation now and in the future.

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Understand the risks with a vulnerability assessment

A comprehensive vulnerability assessment provides organizations with the knowledge, awareness, and risk background necessary to understand threats to their environment. Remediation measures can then be applied accordingly. Identifying risks before hackers do will drastically improve the cyber security posture of your business.

We assess systems using vulnerability scanning tools and manual methods to identify and prioritize findings based on the criticality of system vulnerabilities. We scrub findings to eliminate false positives and prioritize risk, based on existing security controls for your environment.

  • What is Vulnerability Assessment?

    Vulnerability Assessment is the process of finding, identification and classification of security holes and weaknesses. Vulnerability Assessment provides an insight into the organization's current state of security, and the effectiveness of its countermeasures.

  • How NOOSC's Vulnerability Assessments help companies

    NOOSC assists your company in conducting a detailed vulnerability assessment at all technical layers of the organization, from web applications to network devices and helps classify all identified vulnerabilities according to their level of risk and severity.

  • Why Vulnerability Assessment?
    • Identify your risky assets
    • Validate the suitability of your security controls
    • Provide strategic advice that can help secure your organization now and for the future
    • Understand which cyber security risks need the most attention and get guidance to follow up with the best possible mitigation for your assets
    • Help find out your asset information that needs to be handled quickly
    • Assist you before conducting a formal compliance audit
    • Risk assessment typically uses a CVSS scale of 1–10, giving a risk score of 1–1000 that is most likely to be used in an attack for actionability taking into account the age of the vulnerability, as well as public exploits/malware tools
    • Assist you in finding and fixing vulnerabilities by comparing your system to CIS and NIST standards

Better understand and manage cyber security risks

We’re ready to put in efforts and provide you with high-quality assessment, no matter which model of cooperation you choose.

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