Managed Security Device

Managed Security Device service assist organizations in increasing the efficiency of managing and monitoring your operational, technical, and security devices such as your Firewall, Intrusion detection system (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).


Maintaining the Health of your Security Devices to Better Protect your Organization

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Expert management of your critical infrastructure

Secure configuration, management, and maintenance of security devices are essential to protect assets and meet numerous compliance regulations. Managing security devices, however, requires a specific and specialized skill set that needs constant attention, training, and maintenance. Keeping solutions updated and patched while monitoring them 24/7 is a challenge for all organizations, large and small.

  • Always On

    Active and consistent management control on your behalf year-round, steering you past both the known and unknown threats to your devices.

  • Consistent Updates

    Devices, applications, and endpoint security solutions are properly provisioned, configured, updated, and patched to protect against internal and external threats.

  • Assets Management

    Release management with patches, tuning options, and security hotfixes. Back-up options for security device and OS configurations. Restoration and recovery for devices brought down by malicious activities and threats.

  • Analysis & Problem Diagnosis

    Analyze the network activities and prevent network disruptions to ensure a faultless networking experience.

  • Reduce Business Cost

    Eliminate large capital expenditure with a consistent operating cost.

  • Operational & Maintenance

    Our outstanding support team is always ready, providing your business with responsive and reliable IT Support.

Security Service

Lower risk exposure, protect your assets, and maximise technology investments

In today’s ever-evolving cyber security threat environment, managing security devices is essential for securing your business's information, protecting data privacy, and meeting compliance obligations.

We aim to relieve the anxiety of your IT team by implementing security, incident and change management practices that ensure your security technology investment is being properly configured and tuned, by our team of certified experts.

  • What is Managed Security Device?

    Service that help your company or organization improve and expand the capabilities of your security team by integrating your device or assets in Log Management and SIEM.

  • How NOOSC's Managed Security Device Service help companies

    NOOSC Security Global helps you provide visibility into what's happening to your company with an advanced correlation between your security device data logs.

  • What is gained?

    Partnering with Noosc Security Global, we offer 24/7 monitoring management, response to advanced threats & risks, and compliance requirements. This is an excellent service for a range of corporations, offering a scalable and flexible solution that grants you peace of mind and solid protection with our advanced devices and expertise.

Manage your security devices with us for improved operational and technical efficiency

Drive operational excellence and maximize your existing technology investments with our Managed Security Device services.

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