Managed Security Capabilities

The increase in the number of IT devices in the organization has an impact on the increasing number of data that needs to be monitored through the detection of information security events.

It requires a structured approach and a service that is well managed by IT security experts.


Enhance Your Cybersecurity Strategy & Effectiveness

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Protect Your Business from Security Threats

With the number of cyber threats growing, the organization must prioritize IT security. Our services guide you through the oversight and administration of your company’s security processes.

  • Profound Security Analysis

    Each mission starts with analysis and recommendations to determine how to increase your security before implementing services that bring you measurable value.

  • Rapid Incident Response

    Get help immediately depending on the severity of the security event.

  • Optimization

    Security health checks, in-depth analyses, and configuration fine-tuning, all done for you.

  • Expertise

    Work with a dedicated security expert who understands your goals and makes custom recommendations.

  • Predictive Intelligence

    Understand your threat context and cyber security position via the latest information.

  • Operational Efficiency

    With our qualified teams, you no longer need to waste money.

Security Service

Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting

Any business, organisation or public authority is a potential target for cyber criminals and terrorism 24/7/365. These criminals and hackers are in most cases one step ahead of defences. They are already inside. You simply can’t stop them just by building higher walls and adding more defences. A more comprehensive approach is required. A one that is proactive in preventing, detecting and responding to threats.

You're looking for ways to simplify your program, operationalize your expenses, and keep your team focused on business priorities. NOOSC Security Global can help you expand your security capabilities, strengthen your environment and become more resilient over time.

  • Protection Requires a Broad Approach

    Without enough knowledge, and a plan to make your organization stronger, you could be exposed to potential data breaches, let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, and even lose your authority to operate.

  • How NOOSC's Managed Security Capabilities Service help companies

    NOOSC Security Global with ISO/IEC 27001 certification standard assists you in creating, assisting, improving organizational security through the orchestration of information security operations.

  • What is gained?

    We will provide you with cyber security management, detection and response capabilities, and effective risk and compliance management.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Capabilities

We will help you strengthen your security capabilities quickly and become more resilient over time.

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