Managed Security Advisories

Information security has 3 key control, management, technology, and operation.

Managed Security Advisories is a series of services that provides consulting from technical level to high-level role that needs to build in cybersecurity function and capability.


Strategic security advisory for all your business needs

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We can help you through it on every level and area.

This service serve you with access to direct assistance in exploring and understanding the greatest areas of threat, vulnerability, and risk to your product, supply chain, business, or operations.

  • Profound Expertise

    Our consultants have strong foundations and accreditations in all aspects of information technology, privacy, and cybersecurity.

  • Perspective Approach

    We have significant experience in working with industries across all sectors.

  • Scenario-Specific Solutions

    To address all areas of cyber risk, we tailor programs to target a broad range of specific vulnerabilities.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    A key component to any engagement is the knowledge transfer that can be imparted throughout the engagement.

  • Clear Communications

    Our specialists understand both the complexities and nuances of advanced technology and are adept at translating these.

  • Awareness Support

    A high level of security and privacy awareness is one of the most effective steps in protecting against cyber-attacks and handling personal information.

Security Service

Boost both your business and security resiliency

Organizations must exercise sound risk management strategies, validate the effectiveness of controls, and ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. These guidelines can help ensure proper cyber risk management oversight.

NOOSC Security Global offers a full range of cybersecurity consulting services to help you protect your systems, detect threats and respond to cyber security incidents.

  • What is Managed Security Advisories?

    Managed Security Advisory is a service that can help your organization to stay ahead of the latest threats by providing you with insights, advice, and guidance that fit your organization.

  • Why NOOSC?

    In-depth experience and supported by people who are experienced in information security, we can help you develop procedures and policies to support business compliance or your company's compliance in information security.

  • What is gained?

    Highly-qualified and deeply knowledgeable, our cybersecurity and privacy professionals will serve you as trusted advisors, helping businesses protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.

Create an effective security strategy and posture in your organization with hands-on advice

Amplify the effectiveness of your team and resources by partnering with our cybersecurity advisors.

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