Managed Operation Support

This service will help in enhancing and maximizing the performance of your organization's security devices with security personnel who are certified and experienced in the field of information security which can be done remotely or on-site.


Optimizing your security operations

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Security Operations Support

Once you’ve deployed your security infrastructure, everyday operations requires responding to alerts, responding to incidents, and addressing vulnerabilities. Our experts are ready to help you and support your security operations.

  • Continuous Proactive Monitoring

    Scan the network 24/7 to flag any abnormalities or suspicious activities.

  • Threat Response

    Respond to the extent necessary while having as small an impact on business continuity as possible.

  • Log Management

    Collecting, maintaining, and regularly reviewing the log of all network activity and communications for the entire organization.

  • Root Cause Investigation

    Figuring out exactly what happened when, how and why.

  • Security Refinement and Improvement

    Implement improvements on a continuous basis.

  • Compliance Management

    Regularly auditing systems to ensure compliance with such regulations, which may be issued by organization, by industry, or by governing bodies.

Security Service

Securing Your Environment Requires a Team of Experts

Nobody wants to get caught off guard by a cyber attack, especially companies responsible for critical data. You want eyes on your environment constantly. You want to know that your data is secure. And in the same way you’d protect valuable physical assets, you need to protect your digital assets. This is where a our service comes in.

Our experts continue to provide bespoke security services and support that address client needs and adapt to changing local directives. Our tailored virtual services and remote support allow clients to leverage NOOSC Security Global's full range of services while in-person and on-site work is not an option.

  • What is Managed Operation Support?

    Managed Operation Support is a service solution for managing security operations, whether in the form of meeting technical support, infrastructure, and monitoring activities.

  • How NOOSC's Managed Operation Support Service help companies

    Our security experts are available round-the-clock to assist you with problems and incidents. With Our Managed Operations Services, you have a single point of contact for security issues.

  • What is gained?

    You will get many benefits such as labor efficiency, reduced operational costs, and technical support from our experts.

Our Relentlessly Vigilant Expert Defenders Go to Work

We will provides you with the certainty it needs to expose and shut down attacks faster, before damage spreads.

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