Configuration Review

Configuration Review will ensure your organization’s systems and devices are secure. They discover potential threats and weaknesses that may ultimately impact your business operations.


Regularly assessing system configurations is important

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Configuration Review will help you set a secure baseline.

Typically, when deploying, maintaining or enhancing computing systems/network/network security devices, the expected secure configuration settings may not be implemented or maybe missed. Any poorly configured component of the IT environment then becomes a weak link that may allow adversaries to gain unauthorized access, leading to possible outages and security breaches.

  • Assess the configuration to identify weaknesses of devices emitting signals that may be used to gain unauthorized access.

  • Active Directory review is a cost-effective way to improve security. We provide a review to ensure compliance with security best practices.

  • We review your firewall configurations and rule sets to ensure they are operating securely in line with your organization’s requirements.

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your device configuration that could be used to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, systems, or networks.

  • Our assessment of your servers will ensure their configuration is in line with security best practices to protect your IT infrastructure.

  • We identify vulnerabilities in your mobile devices to ensure your organization’s sensitive data cannot be accessed.

Security Service

Assess your current state of security configuration with us

A review intends to identify portions of the network, assign a threat rating to each portion, and apply an appropriate level of security. It will identify the risks to your network, network resources, and data.

Our security experts will assist you by conducting a comprehensive secure configuration review of the various components within the IT environment while considering multiple global industry-standard benchmarks along with corporate policies and regulatory requirements as applicable.

  • What is Configuration Review?

    A Configuration Review is a detailed review and verification of configuration settings of IT infrastructure components including systems, network devices & applications to measure the security effectiveness of the IT environment.

  • How NOOSC's Configuration Review help companies

    NOOSC Security Global assist you perform a comprehensive configuration review of various components in your IT environment, taking into account popular benchmark standards such as CIS and NIST.

  • Why NOOSC?
    • A comprehensive review
    • Experienced consulting team with global certification
    • Work with prestigious organizations in various industries in Indonesia"

Providing peace of mind that your IT infrastructure are configured securely

Let our secure configuration security reviews help you set a secure baseline.

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